Manumission from pain

Pain is a cruel slavemaster. It dangles your freedom papers in front of you “One day you’ll be free!” But it keeps on giving you lashes whatever you do. And especially if don’t do anything. It is arbitrary in its punishments, you can’t negotiate with it. “Yessuh, Massa, I’ll be a good boy!”

No matter how good you are, you are still a slave. And you will be. Get with a program!


No Manumission. No freedom.




After a 3-day silence retreat, I wrote a few simple guidelines for myself. See, if this help you. It certainly has helped me!

1. Have always all your senses open. Enjoy sights, sounds, smell and feeling you encounter.

2. Try to solve each problem when you experience them. Don’t procrastinate or move them forward. They will not macigally dissappear.

3. Meditate daily. Even 5 minutes is enough.

4. Take care of your diet. You are what you eat. listen to your body. It will tell, what is good for you!

5. Make every step a perfect one. You can call this walking meditation, if you want. But try to concentrate on every step tou take. And I mean literally!

6. Pay attention to your composure and ergonomics. You appear and feel like you know what you are doing and appear strong.

7. Relax actively every day. Again, even 5 minutes means wonders.

8. Smile with your eyes, when you meet people. You appear attentive and easy to approach. Try it!

9. Don’t burn any bridges! Your reputation is all you have in the end.


If you are worried by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your feeling of it. And this you have all the power to change at any time.

Do not forget, that you are the master of your feelings, if you so wish. Not the other way around.